Each student is a uniquely intelligent, fully equipped human being. I assess a new student’s best learning styles and design academic work that engages his or her strengths and interests. Our unique solutions integrate self-expression, brain energizers and the arts as strong tools to help students have fun as they master their learning.

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Teaching Affiliations

Testimonials from Educators

Ms. Simpson has a knack for taking students who are hesitant or fearful and helping them to develop a passion for learning. She works well with children and is able to use the arts to foster learning in other content areas. Her lessons meet State Standards effectively, yet still manage to be fun.

- Dr. Joan Davenport, Professor of Teacher Education at California State University

It is with pleasure that I recommend Sara-Lynne Simpson. She demonstrated excellent organizational and group management skills as she capably worked one-on-one and with our class of 25 very lively children. I could always count on her sense of responsibility and capability…She was an outstanding teacher.

- Debbie Murphy, Class Teacher, The Siskiyou School

I love helping each child flourish.

~ Sara-Lynne Simpson

Testimonials from Parents

Reading—4 Grade Levels Gained in 5 Months

Sara-Lynne’s work has done so much for my son! He has a flame inside for learning and success, and now he loves to read. He said that although the black letters on a page used to be ugly and stressful, now they give him beautiful images, new facts and stories that nourish his heart as well as his mind.

- Mylene Morissette

Math—3.5 Grade Levels Gained in 6 Months

My daughter has struggled with math for a number of years—the transformation is remarkable! I never thought I would say this, but after six months of tutoring with Sara-Lynne, my daughter is actually enjoying math. She currently is earning an A+ in her 6th grade math class.

- Jessica Eggertsen

Writing—3 Grade Levels Gained in 4 Months

My son was experiencing anxiety and struggling with a lack of confidence in his ability to learn. Within just a few sessions he was clearly experiencing success. He has become a motivated student, often completing his homework without being asked. I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Simpson and Create Solutions Tutoring to any parent who is looking for a competent, enthusiastic, compassionate and creative teacher for their child.

- Angie Megarity

Testimonials from Students

After working with Sara-Lynne for a few hours on my college scholarship essays, I went from being completely lost about what to say, to feeling like I have a great shot at winning some scholarships! Totally worth it in every aspect.

- Brietta, college-bound senior

I learned a lot of things like reading, multiplication, my vowels, poems and writing. Reading used to be hard, even “the” and “are.” Now it is easy!

- Luka, 10-year-old student